Dell to bring pay-monthly subscriptions to PCs

Dell to bring pay-monthly subscriptions to PCs

Dell has once again asserted that it is fully committed to the PC market, with the revelation that the company intends to fire up a PC-as-a-Service offering before the end of 2017.

In other words, we’re talking about a scheme whereby computers aren’t bought outright with an upfront lump sum, but are instead ‘rented’ on a monthly subscription, with obvious benefits in terms of spreading the cost (and being able to upgrade machines in a much smoother and cost-effective manner, too).

Chief executive Michael Dell divulged these details in his keynote speech at Dell EMC World, which runs through to Thursday this week over in Las Vegas. He didn’t elaborate on the specifics, mind you, but simply said it would be a worldwide PC-as-a-Service program that would be coming this year, with more to be revealed later today.


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